Saturday, January 05, 2013

Imran Khan and Sunil Gavaskar say IPL is responsible for India’s bad performance against Pakistan

Imran Khan and Sunil Gavaskar, who are regarded as legends in the world of cricket, have blamed IPL for the Indian cricket team’s bad performance against Pakistan at home. Even, they have gone on to say that for some Indian players cash-rich cricket tournament has got much importance than national duty. According to their claim, national duty comes second after Twenty20 league.
Without mentioning any specific player’s name, former Indian player, Gavaskar, questioned some Indian players’ full attention on IPL. He said,
“If you look at the events that took place immediately after the 2011 World Cup, you will know the guys who actually took their places for granted those who did not make themselves available and preferred to play in the IPL and then go for surgeries.”
It seems that players are giving more importance in playing IPL rather than for their country. The main reason of giving more focus on IPL is that players can earn huge money quickly.
Gavaskar also said that if players needed to take rest then they would take rest from club matches not from national team’s matches.
It is sure that they will be criticized for their poor performance against their arch-rival team Pakistan at home. They lost two ODI matches and are afraid of being whitewash at the hand of their enemy.
No doubt, BCCI will come forward with some steps to solve this problem. He warned saying that if cricket board does not make a balance between Test cricket and Twenty20 cricket and the commercial aspect of the IPL then it will hamper Indian cricket.