Saturday, September 01, 2012

Happy Teachers day 2012

Teachers day 2012 will be celebrated in India on September 5 2012. So, there are not many days left and it is already a hot searched topic in Google Trends India. It is nice to see that Indians are now searching about this day.
Sadly in India many teachers do not get enough salary and good facilities. I could see a report that there will be a protest rally in Panaji because the teachers felt that they are not getting even the normal facilities. Well it is time that Indian government start to invest more on education. I think that the common people have also some important roles to play. Instead of dancing with cricketers Bollywood celebrities so much, they should make a habit of spending money in other areas.
So, in teachers day 2012, people should make a promise that they will start spending some money with the fields related to education. For example, if people buy more books in stead of watching too much cricket or Bollywood movies, naturally more importance on education will increase and teachers will get the benefit. If you are a teacher then “Happy Teachers Day 2012” to you.