Saturday, September 01, 2012

Angry Birds Game Free Download

Angry Birds is a very popular game and many people are browsing Internet to download free version of the game. Angry Birds was launched in 2009 by a Finland based gaming company Rovio Entertainment.
The game is based on a group of wingless birds that were angry because the pigs stole away their eggs. In December 2009, the game was first launched at Apple app store. Initially, the game became quite popular among iPhone users. With time, it started to gain more popularity and also received positive reviews from various critics. For example, Macworld, a famous website on Apple products, said that Angry Birds was “an addictive, cleaver, and challenging puzzler”.
Angry Birds is now available in both iOS and Android version. You can download it from various places and play it. Recently, a new version of the game, “Angry Birds Space” has been launched. To download Angry Birds please visit the following links-

Angry Birds free downloads-
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