Thursday, July 05, 2012

Tablet is expected to surpass Notebook PCs by 2016

Tablet PC is the latest ultra portable device in the technology world. Since then we have not seen any new technology coming into the IT world. The popularity of tablet PC is increasing continuously and rapidly. Even some market researchers have predicted that the number of tablet PCs will be increased in number compared to notebook PCs by 2016. The only reason behind this prediction is that consumers are shifting to newer devices such as the iPad.
According to NPD’s recently released survey, tablets will be the growth driver for the mobile computer market over the next few years.
It is also shown that the overall mobile PC shipments including tablets will be increased from 347 million in 2012 to over 809 million by 2017.
It is also expected that in 2017, notebook PC shipments will be increased from 208 million to 393 million. However, overall tablet PC shipments are thought to be increased from 121 million to 416 million in the same period.
According to NPD, North America, Japan and Western Europe will be the main market for tablet PC and they will help increase the sale of tablet PC. They will jointly account for 66 percent of shipments in 2012 and remain in the 60 percent range throughout the next few years.
Apple’s iPad is still dominating the tablet PC market. But they can face tough challenge after Google launches its own branded tablet made by ASUS. Microsoft also introduced their tablet PC named, Surface tablet, which will come in the market later this year.