Friday, July 06, 2012

Apple will launch smaller sized iPad

Apple’s iPad is leading the tablet computer market since the launch of its first generation of tablet PC. There is no doubt that iPad is the highest selling tablet PC around the world. It is even one of the dream brands among the tablet users. There is no other company that can put threat against Apple’s iPad.
According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is taking preparation to launch a smaller tablet computer in the coming months just to maintain their top position in the increasingly crowded market.
So far users have seen 9.7-inch (25cm) screen on Apple’s iPad. Now, they are supposed to see screen that would be smaller than eight inches (20cm).
It is the time to see if Apple’s iPad can continue their dominance in the tablet computers market after launching the small sized tablet PC. Now, they are facing tough challenge from other big companies like Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft and Google.