Sunday, March 11, 2012

Akram Khan withdraws resignation

Akram Khan has taken back his resignation letter and started doing his job as the chief selector of the Bangladesh cricket team. He was convinced to change his decision after meeting with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

He submitted his resignation three days ago citing interference from the board president Mustafa Kamal regarding selection of the Asia Cup squad. He took resignation a day after Kamal rejected the inclusion of high-profile opener Tamim Iqbal in the 14-man squad for the Asia Cup.

Due to his physical fitness, Tamim Iqbal was not selected in the main squad and he was listed as a reserve player. Later he was added to the squad as the 15th player.

The resignation of Akram had created huge criticism about the interruption in the selection committee. It also raised question about the relationship between Akram and Kamal. Would it be a problem for him to continue the job under the presidency of Kamal? Akram Khan has got assurance to work with full freedom. He may not have to face any interruption in his work.

However, selection committee should be free from any kind of interruption and do their work freely. It will help to make a better cricket team.