Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sony Tablet S hits in the market

Sony is the latest electronics company that has made its entrance in the competitive tablet PC market with one of its new Tablet devices, Tablet S. Now, gadget lovers wait passionately waiting to get this device on their hands.

Though Sony already announced the market launch of its new tablet PC, it is yet to arrive in shops in the US and Japan. According to some reports, in UK it has already been released. Now, in US it will be found available on 16 September and in Japan on 17 September.

The Tablet S is the first Android-based tablet PC from Sony. It will run on Google's Android 3.1 Honeycomb operating system.

For its unique and well-shaped design, it will attract millions of people’s attention. It is as light as anyone can hold it with one hand and give output with another hand.

Some market analysts say that it may not be able to compete with Apple’s iPad but may be able to impose some threats to other well-known companies like Samsung and HTC who have also released their own tablets. They also said that Tablet S has the possibility to prove to be a popular Android tablet, but it will not be a big competitor for iPad.

The 9.4-inch Sony Tablet S comes with some unique features that have not found in other tablet devices available in the market. Some unique features include the ability to act as universal remote controller, ability to play PlayStation games on the device and steam music and video to your TV or home entertainment system from the tablet.