Sunday, August 28, 2011

Park Ji-Sung will move to Arsenal?

Rumors have been circulating around the web is that Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, is keen on signing with the South Korean skipper, Park Ji-Sung.

The reason behind his interest to bring the Monaco striker is perhaps to strengthen the attacking line up.

However, it is heard that he has almost completed his sign with a French champions Lille. But the rumor of Arsenal’s interest left him baffle and also the club where he was likely to play. The interesting thing is that Gunners boss has neither opened his mouth about it nor he even called the club.

Fans are curiously waiting to know what will be his future club. Will he move to France or London? No doubt, playing in a London football club will be very much respectable for him. If he moves to London then what will happen to his deal with Lille.

Arsene Wenger’s interest about him also surprised the fans as Park Ji-Sung didn’t have that much impressive performance with his present club. May be, Wenger found something that can help his club to play well.

There is no confusion about the skill and performance of Park Ji-Sung. Of course, he is a talented player. Let’s see what happens next.