Sunday, August 28, 2011

Arsenal will face tough challenge against Manchester United

Arsenal’s travel to Manchester United is thought to be the toughest match of the season. Now, these two old rivals will face each other at the home ground of Manchester United.

Arsenal doesn’t have any good experience against their rival in the away match. In their last eight visits to United, Arsenal has lost seven and drawn one.

However, their current team seems much weaker than the past. It is yet to get someone who can successfully replace Cesc Fabregas. Samir Nasri has also changed the club and moved to Manchester City.

However, Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, has been criticized for selling Cesc Fabregas. The loss of these two players made Arsenal much weaker and they failed to strengthen the squad.

However, their Wednesday's 2-1 win at Udinese will inspire them to play well against the defending champion. They should try their best to win the match and keep their hope alive to play in the Champions League.

It is obviously going to be a tough challenge for Arsenal manager to choose the players for the first eleven.

However, Manchester United will also have to depend on youth players because of the retirement of Paul Scholes and injury of some players.

Let’s see if Arsenal can play well against Manchester United.

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