Saturday, February 26, 2011

Candice Boucher joining Bollywood: Does it really matter?

Candice Boucher is nobody Hollywood but she is going to get a lot of media attention in India for joining Bollywood. She is basically a model from South Africa and earned her fame by becoming the poster girl of Playboy in April 2010. She is going to act in Prashant Chadha’s ‘Aazaan’.
Naturally, many people from India are searching about her now. I do not see anything to be excited about her coming to Bollywood. I have a strong doubt whether she will become successful here.
Candice Boucher is excited to be in India and to work in Bollywood. Some people in India are also very excited that a hot and sexy model has come there. However, to me, this is an indication that Bollywood is losing its own glamour these days. So, it needs someone like Candice Boucher to add some spice.
By the way, even there is no decent entry on Candice in Wikipedia.