Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Paravoor Ramachandran died: A great loss for Malayalam entertainment industry

The death news of Paravoor Ramachandran not only shocked the film industry but also shocked millions of his fans. This prominent Malayalam serial and cine artist left his last breath at a private hospital in Kottiyam.

Making his entrance in the film industry with ‘Sathyabhamakkoru Pranayalekhanam’, he had already acted almost 100 films. Some of his super hit films are ‘Dilliwala Rajakumaran’, ‘Superman’, ‘Swapna Lokkathey Balabhaskar’, ‘Thuval Kottaram’, etc.

Vinayan directed Yakshiyum Njanum was his last film. He got good response from his fans.

Though he is a familiar face in Malayalam serial and film industry, he was also a leading drama artist in Kerala.

It is true that Paravoor Ramachandran’s soul left the mortal world but his works will make his eternal. His fans should remember him with great respect and honor. His dead has considered as the great loss for Malayalam film industry.

Millions of his fans should pray for him.