Sunday, January 16, 2011

Monica Dogra is expecting huge popularity after Dhobi Ghat release

Monica Dogra is not a familiar face to Hindi movie lovers. But now she is expected to get a worldwide popularity after the release of Dhobi Ghat. She acts one of the female lead roles in the movie.

Monica Dogra didn’t think second time to accept the opportunity to act in the film when she was offered by Kiran Rao to play the role of Shai.

Monica Dogra is a singer. As a part of her band Shaa’ir n Func, she has traveled more than 20 countries. With the film Dhobi Ghat, she will turn as actor. When she signed the film, she knew that it would help her to get more attention.

In the film, her character’s name was Shai. Shai is an investment banker lives in New York. She came to Mumbai for vacation.

She became fond of camera after making her appearance in the film. She says,

“I have always had an interest in photography. While working in the film, I have learned a lot.”

She is now feeling lucky to be picked by Kiran Rao in the upcoming Hindi film. She also thinks that this film would increase her popularity as a musician and it would make her path easier to get invited in bigger shows.

She also stated that when she was acting along with Aamir Khan, she was suffering by nerve biting and at the same time excited.

It was not a difficult task for her to act in the role of Shai because she is already a well trained student who studied in acting and music school.

For Kiran Rao, Dhobi Ghat was her first directorial film. It is slated for release on 21st January 2011.

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