Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day meaning: Nothing to Do with Boxing

Many people in India are now interested to know about the meaning of Boxing Day. Boxing Day is the holiday that is celebrated in 26th December in UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and some other countries. It is celebrated in the next day of Christmas and believe me that it has no relationship with playing or watching Boxing match.

Instead of any relationship with Boxing, it has actually two significances. It is the day that workers get a holiday and they get thanks from people for the service they have done to people for the whole year.

You can find detailed information about this day here:

Boxing Day is also important about sports and if you live in England then you know that English Premier League football, there are many important matches. Yesterday the British people enjoyed the Christmas and today they are coming to the football stadium to enjoy the matches.

It is a customary tradition in Australia to arrange the Boxing Day test that starts from 26 December. The same thing has happened today. Australia and England are playing in the fourth test match in the Ashes series 2010. So, it is a big match for Australia. So, by now most probably you know the significance and meaning of Boxing Day. I wonder if India will start the same tradition from the next year and arrange a cricket match from 26th December.