Saturday, December 25, 2010

Asin Thottumkal ties knot with Salman Khan in ‘Ready’ movie

The marriage news of Asin Thottumkal and Salman Khan has created a lot of buzz in Bollywood. Rumor spread out all over the web that Asin tied knot with Salman Khan in the presence of close friends.

However, the rumor is not false either because these two stars tied knot with each other not in real life but on screen. Sources revealed that Salman Khan and Asin had a marriage sequence in the upcoming movie ‘Ready’.

This marriage news surprised the fans of both stars when a local Kerala paper announced Asin's "marriage" with Salman. After the rumor making round all over the web, the actress was flooded with congratulatory messages. It also wondered her fans and relatives as to why she chose not to invite near and dear ones.

However, no one could think that it was rumor because some of the naughty members of the production team played a trick with the stars and used the photographs to create rumors down the South.

Both Asin Thottumkal and Salman Khan did not take it seriously. They took it as fun. Asin said laughingly, "You know, I'm quite enjoying the joke about my wedding. I've been in my bridal outfit taking the saat pheras, for a week now.

I almost feel I'm really married. The family opposition that is being talked about is also part of the script."

Asin has added salt in to the rumor saying that sometimes rumours do come true.

Fans should want to know the feeling of Salman Khan about the rumor. He said, “Finally I have done it.”

Anees Bazmee directed ‘Ready’ is going to be the second movie in which Salman and Asin are playing the lead roles opposite each other. It is the first Punjabi shaadi for Asin.