Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Car Makers in India Receiving Huge Bookings for New Models

India’s auto market has seen a huge growth in its April sales which is even a 10-year high. After the economic recession is over, consumer confidence in India has been increased largely. Now, auto makers in Indian markets are receiving huge amount of bookings for car models everyday and they are finding it tough to meet the demands.

Ford is planning to set up its second plant in Chennai in order to increase production, and thus, coping up with the bookings. The American car maker received more than 15,000 bookings for the Figo model and the company asked the customers to wait for 5-6 weeks to get the delivery

Volkswagen is also facing it tough to deliver the huge number of bookings for its Polo premium compact car. It also asked the customers to wait for 5 months to get the card delivered.

Toyota Kirloskar has stopped receiving any more booking for its SUV model Fortuner. It will again open the booking at the end of June.

Another problem that the car makers are facing now is that because of the new models the best-seller models are losing the ground. So, they are now forced to give more focus on the new models and increase the production of the new models.

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