Tuesday, April 13, 2010

World Cup Football: Asia is Becoming Important

Twenty years ago, World Cup mainly for European countries. In other words, the main revenue for World Cup football used to come from European countries like England, Germany, France, Spain etc. That is why, FIFA was forced to listen to them. Nowadays, many countries in Asia are contributing to the fund to the revenue and I am sure that after twenty years the balance of revenue or money will shift from Europe to Asia. The main reason is that China alone has one billion populations. Japan and Korea are very rich countries with significant number of people. In Asia, there is still a lot of room for growth for football.
If football can become very popular in India then the balance of power will totally shift towards Asia. Here, I like to remind you that Nowadays, Australia is considered to be a part of Asian football federation and now Asia has another important country.
The main reason is that because Europe contributes to the major part of the revenue, FIFA is almost forced to arrange a match times in a way that benefits the football TV viewers of European countries. As a result, Asian fans have to watch the matches’ very odd time. I remember that sometimes I had to watch the matches at 2 am 3 am at night. In China it is even worse.