Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Aigo Sued Computer Makers on Alleged Violation of Patent

Aigo, the brand name of Beijing Huaqi Information Digital Technology, has sued a number of computer making companies including HP and Toshiba on allegation of patent breach. The Chinese company has already sent letters to the computer maker asking for negotiations as early as possible. The company claims that HP and Toshiba have breached six patents as the companies used USB Plus which is a storage port technology used in computers. Now, Aigo is demanding a compensation of $146,500 from HP.

The Chinese company sent legal papers to Samsung, Sony and Dell too with the same complaint. Samsung, Dell and Sony allegedly breached patents for eSATA/USB technology.

Well, it is a serious conflict as it has gone to court already. So, the concerned companies should take action to resolve the problem with Aigo.

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