Friday, April 30, 2010

After Toyota, Now Honda to Recall a Large Number of Vehicles

Toyota is already facing a huge crisis as it has recalled a large number of vehicles in order to fix the sudden acceleration of pedal. Now, Honda has to recall around 167,000 Acura TSX cars over the complication of power steering hoses. The problem is very serious as it could cause fire in the car. So far, news of only one minor fire incident has been reported, but no body was injured.

ABC News reported:

The recall involves TSXs from the 2004-2008 model years. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says on its website that high temperatures under the hood could cause the power steering hose to crack and leak power steering oil.

No doubt, it is very dangerous and Honda should collect all the models sold in between 2004 and 2008 and fix the problems. Otherwise, it could have a long lasting impact on the company’s reputation. Honda may face some financial lose, but a big accident could cause an irrecoverable loss. Toyota should also do the same thing, if it wants to keep its reputation intact.