Saturday, February 06, 2010

Toyota Recall: What Next for the Company?

Toyota is suffering its worst crisis in its history. Many of its cars are now being recalled and the main problem is that it has got some serious defects that can become fatal for the drivers. As a result, Toyota will suffer huge financial loss and more than anything, the brand got a very bad hit in its reputation. Toyota was always famous for its reliability and quality but all of a sudden, it has become the victim of its own negligence. I still can not understand why such a big problem happened for the company. They have many workers to look after these kinds of problems. Thousands of Toyota cars are now being recalled.
In USA, some people do not like Toyota because it is a foreign company. They feel happy now that Toyota has been suffering this way. In Japan, many people are angry and they think that US media and even bloggers are just giving too much coverage of the problem of Toyota because it is a Japanese company. I agree with both the sides. I think that Toyota has been targeted too much by the American media and bloggers. On the other hand, I also think that the American journalist and bloggers are right because Toyota has failed in a very bad way.
I am interested to see what happens next for the Toyota and the Auto industry. The condition of General Motors is also not that good. So, I don’t think that GM can take advantage of the current problem of this Japanese auto manufacturer.