Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sony is happy with Apple iPad

It is perhaps surprising to see that Steve Haber, President of Sony’s Digital Reading Division, has expressed his satisfaction to the arrival of Apple iPad tablet. Sony has its own e-book reader and iPad is thought to be a device that would give every e-book reader of every company a run for their money. So, why, Mr. Haber is welcoming iPad?
In fact, he said, "The introduction of another mobile device, which includes digital reading as part of its functionality, is a good thing for the digital book business. Mobile devices with reading capabilities will play a key role in the paradigm shift from analog to digital content. At Sony, we’re focused on devices optimized for digital reading and believe that digital books sales will surpass print sales within five years, if not sooner."
The essence of his statement is that because of iPad, many people would not feel interested about e-book readers and reading digital content will become popular. Naturally, the market will become bigger and Sony will get good profit from the expanding market.
I agree with Mr. Haber because still now, most people are habituated to read books printed on paper not in digital screen.