Monday, January 18, 2010

Zoom Laptop Fair 2010: Some Reflections on Buying a Laptop in Dhaka

Zoom Laptop Fair 2010 is going to start from January 20- that means on Wednesday. It is a 3 day fair and the venue is Bangabandhu International Conference Centre. Most of the major laptop makers in the world are going to display their products. Maker Communication is the organizer of this event and from the name of this event, you can also understand that mobile phone operator Citycell is the sponsor. Zoom is the name of the Internet product of Citycell. There will be 15 stalls and 5 pavilions at the fair. The visitors would have to pay 20 Taka for the entrance ticket. One good thing is that a part of the collections from tickets will be allocated for the poor people suffering severe cold wave and the organizers are also going to allocate some funds for a student of North South University who is suffering from a deadly disease.
If you live in Dhaka and you are interested to buy a laptop now or in near future then you should really visit Zoom Laptop Fair 2010. I have been there for the last two years and I noticed that on both occasions there were many laptops and some companies gave attractive discounts. Even if you cannot afford to buy now still you should visit the event because this is the best opportunity for you to look at maximum number of models from all the companies.
This time, the organizers are hoping that nearly 5,000 laptops will be sold in 3 day-long fair. Acer, Asus, HP and Lenovo are acting as co-sponsors in Zoom Laptop Fair 2010.