Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti and earthquake Latest News

A few hours ago, Haiti was hit by a very powerful earthquake. Many people have died in it and it is still unclear about the exact nature of destruction caused by it. It was a 7.0 magnitude earthquake and you can easily understand that many buildings got destroyed or damaged.
It was such a powerful earthquake that even the presidential palace got damaged. However, the president of the country and his wife are safe now. In a hotel collapse, nearly 200 people died.
Many people died, got injured and I think that many people are trapped under rubbles. Thus, it is a human tragedy. The first pictures of the earthquake’s destruction were posted in Internet- Twitter.
International community has already come forward and the country will help aid in the next few days. US President Obama has stated his condolence at the tragedy faced by Haiti and has expressed his desire to support the country in this difficult time. China is also sending some aid.
Many people of Haitian origin live in USA and their relatives are now worried. It is now almost 3 AM in the country and people are still working to clear the wreckage and they are searching for any survivors.
Haiti is one of the poorest countries on earth and people here are already suffering a lot. This earthquake just made their suffering worse and perhaps this is the time to stand beside the people of this country. 

I am going to update this entry in the next few hours, with more news and information.
8:06 AM GMT (3:06 AM Haiti Time):
The only good news at this moment amidst all the bad news is that the main airport of Haiti is mostly unhurt and thus, other countries can bring support easily.