Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Can Toyota make Profit in American Market?

Because of economic recession, US car companies suffered a lot of loss. Even foreign companies like Toyota did not a have time. The financial year is going to end in March 2010 and there is strong possibility that Toyota might suffer loss in the current fiscal year. Now, the company is trying hard to cut cost and get some profit from the American market. However, several things are acting against it. The recession is almost over but jobs are not back and car sale has not gone back to pre-recession time. This is a very big factor that any car company has to deal these days. The demand is coming back but not very strongly.
The second problem is that the relationship if Yen-Dollar exchange rate. It has been continually working against this Japanese company. Finally, Toyota officials in the US are also at a loss to find out the areas that they can improve a lot. They feel that things are not that bad and there is no special area that needs a lot of improvement. Instead, they feel that they have to go for an overall improvement strategy.
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