Monday, January 18, 2010

Chinese government blaming Google for the current problem

You know that Google and Chinese government are at odds with each other about the hacking of some Gmail accounts of human right activists. Now, Chinese state run media has publicly criticized Google for its commercial agenda. In the last few days, Chinese government did not say anything clearly but now it seems that they are now going to take a tough stance. You can find the open editorial in China in which they criticized the move of Google and has stated that it was done mainly to find an exis strategy after not getting huge success in the Chinese market. Google has strongly denied this accusation and stated that they had good revenue in China in the last quarter.
It also criticized the motto of Google "do no evil” and termed it as “hypocritical"
About the hacking, this open editorial said that hacking happens in different parts of the world and it was unfortunate to single out China about this problem.
Now, it seems that Chinese government will act some strongly with Google and other internet companies who are not willing to listen to the censorship regulations of the country. On the other hand, it can be a strategy for bargaining. It is really not clear that what Chinese government wants or Google wants.
Google is stating that it would not follow the censorship regulations and on the other hand, Chinese government is strict about censorship because China is a communist country. So, we are still not sure whether the two sides are willing to bargain and compromise or whether they will stand on their positions and Google will have to come out of China very soon.