Friday, December 25, 2009

Toyota Planning to Produce a Small Hybrid Car

Toyota is now planning to bring a small hybrid car and the automaker is going to introduce a concept version of this small hybrid model in the North American international auto show, starting from 11 January. Toyota has already made a strong foothold in the hybrid car market with its successful Prius model that starts from $22,400. The new hybrid model that Toyota is planning for will be smaller in size than Prius and if everything goes according to plan, then this hybrid model will go into production in Japan in 2011 and come to the US market in 2012. However, Toyota has not reveled details about the car.

Toyota has a number of hybrid cars of both Toyota brand as well as Lexus brand. The new hybrid car will be different from the previous models as it will be a subcompact model and its target customer could be different too. Price could be another factor as this small hybrid car could offer an eye catching price for the car enthusiastic people.

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