Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Car Insurance Price May Go up in 2010 in USA and UK

I saw two news items in this regard that car insurance cost may go up in 2010. This is bad news. The main reason for this thing is perhaps economic recession that hurt USA throughout the year and now UK is suffering from a lot. I found in a press release today that in the last one year, in Britain, nearly half a million people drove car without insurance.
The Sainsbury's Car Insurance findings reveal that over the past 12 months an estimated 516,000 people may have driven a car in the UK without insurance. The majority of these people are men, and in terms of their age most are 24 and under or over 65.
A further estimated 409,000 people may have driven abroad without insurance recently.

You can read the two reports too:

It seems that although the worst of economic recession is over, its impact is going to remain in 2010 too- at least for the car insurance sector.