Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Volkswagen-Porsche Largest Carmaker in the World ahead of Toyota

Nearly one year ago, Toyota became the largest car maker in the world by overtaking problem ridden General Motors. Now, Toyota has been overtaken by Volkswagen-Porsche. It is perhaps natural law that no one will stay as number one forever. However, few people could think that the reign of Toyota in the top would be such short lived. The competition is intense. The good thing is that Volkswagen-Porsche got the benefit of the stimulus package in Germany and other parts of the world and it has made 4.4 million cars this year. On the other hand, Japanese economy suffered a lot and many people lost jobs there. Toyota has been able to make 4 million cars this year until now.
Volkswagen has done one good thing. It is giving some importance to Asian markets like China. Well, it is still yet to make any big impact in India. There is huge room for growth both in China and India as very few people still own a car in these two countries compared to Europe and America.
Well, it seems that Toyota will regain the top spot within a few months. Toyota cut back on production capacity during the time of recession. Volkswagen could capitalize on this matter and become the largest automaker in the world.

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