Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Free Car media May help you with Auto Insurance

This is a very nice idea. You drive your car and it is painted with advertisements. In return you get some cash every month. Thus the concept of Free Car Media has caused some massive amount of interest in Internet, according to Google Trends. The only bad part is that your car will look the beautiful appearance and it will look like a junk billboard most of the time. Just imagine that you are going out with an advertisement of a company printed in your dress. It is not fun, is it?
However, because of economic recession and because of increasing unemployment in the US, many people would perhaps not mind to get some money. I tried to search a lot about the offers of free car media but I could not get any concrete information about it. Personally, I think that it is a good idea and it can really help you to at least pay the auto insurance. In USA, almost everyone has a car and most families have more than one cars. So, auto insurance is always a big headache for many families. So, if free car media advertisements can bring you the money that would pay your insurance for your vehicle then it is not a bad deal.
However, just remember that there are some scams in the name of this idea. So, always be careful about it. My suggestion is that do some search before taking any decision and then go for it if you need some extra cash. It wont harm you.
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