Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Honda is leading the race of fuel efficiency in USA

After getting elected, president Obama is strongly advocating the idea of fuel efficiency and better and less environment pollution from cars. You know that in USA, there are nearly eight hundred cars against one thousand persons and they have the highest number of cars in the world despite the fact that both India and China have more than three times population than USA. So, now the Obama administration is trying to push the car companies to produce more fuel efficient cars. It was very interesting to see that the top three companies in this sector are all Asian. In the first place, there is Honda, Hyundai and then Toyota. Honda and Toyota are Japanese companies where as Hyundai is from South Korea. US car companies are much behind than Asian and European companies.
Well, I think that fuel efficiency is a very important thing for a country like USA where almost everyone has a car. Car is a very bad thing and it can really affect the environment. I think that the Obama administration should make the government agencies to buy fuel efficient cars. The main problem is that most consumers are not yet conscious about it. Of course in net I am of economic recession fuel, most people can not think of efficiency or any other factor and are not eager to change their car or pay more money. So, I think that they will have to wait a little longer about this matter. Environment pollution is a big problem for the whole world not just for USA.  

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