Friday, October 09, 2009

Toyota to Display 2 Concept Cars at Tokyo Show

Japanese car maker Toyota is going to show two concept car models at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show that is due to be organized later in October. The two concept cars are: FT-86 and FT-EV II. FT-86 is a sports car featuring a front-mounted two-litre engine and the car is driven by rear wheel. The design is pretty much catchy and fashion conscious users would like to own it.

FT-EV II is the other concept model that Toyota is going to showcase in the Tokyo Motor Show. The city car can accommodate four persons, even though it is smaller than the Toyota’s previous model iQ. It would be interesting to see how the model manages to allow four persons inside it, but the possible reason is that FT-EV II does not feature any pedal or steering wheel. It features a joystick which has all the controls needed while driving. It is an electric car and at a full charge it can run about 50 miles. Highest speed it has is 60 miles per hour. The city car has two sliding doors.

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