Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nissan Land Glider Electric Car to be Introduced at Tokyo Motor Show

Japanese automaker Nissan Motors is going to introduce a concept car: Nissan Land Glider- in the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. A number of automaker will participate in the show in order to introduce their upcoming vehicles.

Nissan Land Glider is a four-wheeler run by electricity, but it looks and works like a motorbike covered by a roof. Actually, you can consider it as an all-covered motorbike which accommodates 2 persons. The specialty of this vehicle is that it can lean up to 17 degree at turns, and thus, giving the passengers an experience of motorbike riding.

It would not be a big problem to park Nissan Land Glider because of its 3.5-feet width. Nissan Land Glider may not give you the experience of riding a Harley Davidson, but then you can feel safe and still enjoy the excitement of riding a motorbike with this electric car. Now, let us see if the zero-emission car receives positive response from the car enthusiasts at the Tokyo Motor show.

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