Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Future of MBA in England Rests on Asian Students: Perhaps

I just finished reading an excellent feature in the Independent: Can the MBA boom last? by Peter Brown. Mr. Brown has talked about the growing popularity of this degree even during the time of economic recession. He has given us a lot of information about MBA in British Universities. He wrote:
"The exchange rate has worked in our favour," agrees Professor Michael Luger, director of Manchester Business School (MBS). "But of course, that could turn the other way. A lot of our students come from China and India, places that are developing their own higher education systems. So we're not counting on these robust numbers in the future."
Behind the current boom, then, lie some big questions. How many of these students are simply sheltering from the storm? How long can they afford to do that? Will there be enough jobs for them? And beyond that, can they be taught to avoid the kind of behaviour that caused the crisis?

So, from the report, we can know that many students from Asia now go to UK to study MBA. Well, I think that the bubble is going to burst soon. The British economy is suffering a lot from economic recession. So, there is not a lot of room for jobs in the British economy for these foreign students. The same is true for countries like India and China who are also suffering from recession.