Monday, October 19, 2009

Electric Cars Less Likely for Mass Production in Near Future

You may have heard many good things about electric cars and its benefits. Well, it is true that electric cars are going to be the next big thing in automobile market, but it is less likely that electric car would grab a significant portion of the global car market in the near future. Ahead of Tokyo Motor Show, Japanese automakers like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi etc. are preparing to introduce their concept electric cars. However, there is less possibility that the companies would bring these models into large scale production in the near future.

Electric cars are really environment friendly with zero-emission, but the analysts believe that electric car market is still in its infancy and it would take time to see electric cars going into mass production for global market.

Among the Japanese car makers, who are going to take part in the Tokyo show, only Nissan and Mitsubishi are planning to unveil their electric cars next year, while Daimler AG will reportedly start the commercial production of electric cars in 2012. Toyota has said that it would launch an electric car by 2012, but it will only be available for the US market. Honda is planning to do the same by launching an electric car in the US as well as in Japan, not for global market.

So, it is pretty much certain that for environment friendly cars people would have to rely on hybrid options in the near future.

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