Sunday, August 23, 2009

What can Japanese People Learn from the Economic Recession?

It seems that Japan is officially out of recession. So, the people should have some kind of sigh of relief at this moment. They should be happy but it is really too early to celebrate. May be the worst is over but the bad condition is not surely over. In fact, there are two things to worry for the global economy. Price of crude oil is increasing and it can be a cause of real worry for everybody including Japanese people. The second problem is that this time, there was less rain in India and as a result, Indian agricultural production would surely suffer a lot. India is one of the leading agricultural producers in the world. Well, the effect of Economic Recession is still evident in many places including in Miss Universe 2009 event.

So, India may need to import agriculture commodities next year and it can push the price of these products high in the international market. Well, I clearly remember that before the beginning of the economic recession- the same two things happen. I just hope that we are not heading for another recession before even getting out of this one. So, Japan should be on alert and should not celebrate at this moment.