Thursday, July 30, 2009

India wants to fight against global worming but does not want to accept any responsibility

Global worming is a big problem for almost all the countries but the main problem is that most developed countries are not willing to do the necessary sacrifice to cut on carbon emission. The rich countries are also arguing that the developing countries like India, China who produce a lot of carbon dioxide should do some sacrifices too. However, it seems that Indian government is not willing to do that because they feel that it would hurt their economic development. China has same attitude and this may lead to some confrontation with the rich countries.

What I want is that the rich countries and the poor countries sit together and try to find a logical solution. The main problem is that countries like USA emit a lot of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and then expect that other countries do the sacrifice in stead of them. Now, in USA, Obama administration is more keen to make the environment clean and that is why there is some hope. Of course, all the countries have to find a common agenda for this for this problem.