Friday, May 22, 2009

What You can Get from Toyota Prius 2010?

You already know that the third generation (2010) Toyota Prius hybrid car has caught the attention of car enthusiasts. While many were thinking that Prius will face stiff competition from Honda Insight which came to the market recently, Toyota came up with the third generation Prius car. Now, the question is if Prius 2010 would be able to stave of the challenge of Honda Insight.

Well, first of all you should look at the features Toyota Prius 2010 is offering and only then you can decide whether this is the car you are looking for. Prius 2010 is considered to be first true hybrid car which can run only on electric battery or fuel (natural gas) or the combination of both electric battery and fuel. Moreover, this is the first car which can run 50 miles per gallon of gasoline. So, you can see that the maintenance cost of the new Prius would be muss less than other hybrid cars. Moreover, the car is eco-friendly which is another attraction of Toyota Prius 2010. There are a number of instruction panels in the dashboard, and you will be advised by the panels how to drive your car so that you can save fuel.

Overall, the third generation Toyota Prius seems to offers some attractive features which are not currently available in other hybrid cars. No doubt, Honda Insight also has some of these features, but still, Prius 2010 seems to be superior car to Honda Insight. What do you think about it?