Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Honda Insight Impressive in Test Drive

You already know that Honda Insight, the latest car in the hybrid car market, has already been a threat for Toyota’s Prius, the leading car model in hybrid market. So far, this has been reported in a number of times in the media, but now, it seems that Honda Insight has also lived up to the expectation of the car enthusiasts.

Recently, I came across an article on Honda Insight where the writer, Andy Hodges, claimed to have been impressed by the performance of the hybrid car in a test drive. The writer says that the performance of the car went beyond his expectation. In the test drive, Honda Insight was found to be very smooth and comfortable in handling both in the city area as well as in the highway. There was no sound while starting and it gave a smooth driving experience to the writer. Moreover, as the writer says, there are gauges coming from the dashboard indicating how much electricity left in the battery. More than that, different panels set in the dashboard would instruct you how to save your fuel while you are driving. Conversion from gas energy to electricity power is also hazardless.

Honda Insight now seems to be the next popular car model in hybrid car market and I would not be surprised if it takes away some market share from Toyota Prius in the years to come.