Friday, April 10, 2009

Nokia India to Emerge as Solution Provider

Nokia is the market leader of Indian mobile phone industry and now it seems that Finish mobile phone maker is going to emerge as a solution provider in the large mobile phone market. Having seen an extensive growth and opportunity in Indian mobile phone market, Nokia India now wants to focus on offering solutions in several areas including information, entertainment, communication and commercial etc.

Recent, Nokia India held a one-day media conference where Nokia India’s Vice-President and Managing Director, D. Shivakumar, said that alongside leading the mobile phone market in India, Nokia is also keen to become a leading solution provider in the country. Nokia is also going to offer a number of services for the mobile phone users including messaging services, Nokia music store, gaming services and other location based services for the Nokia users. Using the messaging services, Nokia users can have full access to their e-mail accounts. Moreover, Nokia phone users can also download songs from a music store which is yet to be launched in India.

While addressing the media, Vineet Taneja, the director of marketing in Nokia India, said that their main objective was to connect to the people which was important to them. Nokia has a strong presence in South Asian market including ever-increasing Indian mobile phone market. Now that, they are also interested to prime solution provider in this large market, it seems that Nokia just wants to strengthen its presence in India.

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