Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New K-series Gasoline Engine from Maruti

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. has unveiled its new K-series gasoline engine which is more fuel-efficient from its predecessor and is more environment-friendly. Named "K12M," this is the second K-series gasoline engine from India’s largest auto maker, Maruti Suzuki. The 1,197-cubic centimeter aluminum engines will be produced the company’s Gurgaon plant. The new gasoline engine is the part of company’s long term planning for introducing new engine technology.

The new engine will hit the market through the company upcoming hatchback vehicle Maruti Suzuki Ritz which is due to be launched very soon. Its first K-series engine was featured in the company’s A-Star model which came into the market last year. The first K-series engine is named K10B. Now, let us see if the second K-series engine can live up to the expectation of the car users.

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