Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Maruti Bhandare: Most Famous Potential Tata Nano Owner

Tata Nano, the much talked-about 1 lakh car, was launched last month with lots of hopes and expectations among the car owners. Tata Motors started receiving advanced bookings for Tata Nano, which is also known as People’s Car, from 9 April 2009. The company has already received more than 1 million booking for the car Nano, and there are many who even already paid 75% of the total price.

Maruti Bhandare is a cobbler by profession who has now become the most famous would-be owner of a Tata Nano car. Maruti Bhandare has already paid US$2,819 as advanced booking money for a Nano Deluxe. Mr. Maruti has already made the newspaper headlines with his booking for a Nano Deluxe. Even news channels are also reporting on him seriously.

Well, there are many who are now keen to become an owner of Tata Nano which seems to be the most lucrative car in India now, mostly because of its price. There are also reports out in the media that even the owners of BMW, Audis and Mercedes have also made booking for Tata Nano. It seems that Tata Nano is going to bring Tata Motors a big chunk of market share of India’s big car market which is yet to be unraveled properly.

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