Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Toyota Motor Recorded 31.8% Decline in January Sales in USA

Toyota Motor saw a sharp decline in its USA sales in January. The Japanese automaker recorded 31.8 percent fall in its January sales in USA compared to the January sales of last year. Sales of all of the Toyota models fell in January. With this sharp decline in USA sales in January, the automaker experienced more than 30 percent year-over-year sales drop for three months in a row. However, still Toyota did better than other competitors in USA in January in terms of sales volumes. Toyota light trucks fared comparatively better than other models in January. However, hybrid car sales fell sharply because of lower gasoline price.

Toyota is one of the leading automakers in the world, but the company is finding it hard to cope up with the global economic recession. The surging Japanese Yen has aggravated the situation for the Japanese automaker. The company is even prediction its first annual operational loss in 70 years. It has cut down production in many of its domestic as well abroad plants in order to avoid inventory build up.

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