Thursday, February 05, 2009

Honda to Price Insight Hybrid Car Under $20,000 for the USA Market

Japanese automaker Honda Motor Co has already decided to sell its hybrid car model ‘Insight’ for a price tag hitting less than $20,000 in the U.S. Insight hybrid model will be launched in the Japanese market on February 6 with a price tag of 1.89 million yen ($21,140). Earlier, Honda said that the price for gasoline-electric car for the overseas market could vary, depending on the exchange rate. However, now they want to sell it for $20,000 in the US.

Well, the demand for hybrid car fell very recently in the US because of decrease in gasoline price in the world market. Moreover, people have become more reluctant to buy new car amidst the ongoing economic recession in America. Many people have already lost their jobs and there are many who are worried about job security. So, it would be very good for Honda if they can release Insight hybrid vehicle for a minimal price for the US market.

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