Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some interesting facts about Black Friday

Black Friday is creating fever all over USA. The Friday after Thanksgiving is considered to be the day that kicks off the holiday season shopping in USA. All the retailers and departmental stores offer bonuses and “door buster deals” but do not believe every thing you read or hear. Here is why:

  • First of all, Black Friday is not Friday but Black Thursday because most of the retailers deals starts from the midnight of Thanksgiving and that is the best time for shoppers to shop.
  • Many Black Friday shoppers believe that they would get better deals in the store but that is not true. Driving to the store costs your gas. If one store does not have a “particular product deal” other retailers might have it. If the store from which you are buying is not present in your state then it will save on sales tax this is very good for you if you are buying “large ticket” items.
  • The best way to shop is shop online. If you enjoy standing in long cues then it is different but if you are looking for better options then go online. You will get same deals. You do not need to ruin your night’s sleep.
  • It is true that some deals finish quickly but there are hundreds of other better deals. If you can not get a particular deal then do not worry, the Cyber Monday is right at the corner.
  • It is true that Black Friday deals are best deals. Hence, you should start as quickly as possible.

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