Saturday, October 25, 2008

Toyota Marked First Quarterly Sales Drop in 7 Years During July-September Quarter

Toyota Motor Corp. has seen its first quarterly fall in global sales in seven years as its global sales dropped more than 4 percent to 2.236 million vehicles in the July-Septemebr quarter. Though the Japanese automaker experienced excellent sales and profits over the last few years because of the heavy demand of Toyota’s fuel-efficient vehicles, the recent global economic crisis stirred a heavy drop in Toyota’s global sales. Especially in the US market, the number of sales volume has been decreased extensively.

Global credit crunch has affected many businesses across the globe so far. Many have lost their jobs and many companies have been shut down already. Who knows what is yet to come in the future. However, it is pretty much understandable that the ongoing economic recession has a direct link up with car industry because if people do not have money at their hand, car sales will definitely be affected.

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