Friday, October 24, 2008

Holiday Season 2008: Google phone G1 vs BlackBerry Storm vs iPhone

There is the fear of global economic recession and slowdown. Still, life goes on and The holiday season is there. One of the best things to buy in holiday season is perhaps mobile phone. In the western countries, mobile phone is now a very attractive gadget to give and buy and get as a Christmas gift. Last year, Apple’s iPhone was very popular and was perhaps the most attractive Christmas gift for many people. This time, iphone is going to face stiff competition from BlackBerry Storm and Google phone G1.

Telegraph wrote:

The G1, which runs Google's Android operating system - designed to turn the phone into a pocket computer, will hit the shops on Thursday. T-Mobile, which has the exclusive rights to sell the phone in the UK, will open its flagship Oxford Street store in the early hours of the morning so commuters can snap up the phone on the way into work.

Customers queued through the night outside T-mobile's New York store when it was launched in America on Tuesday.

I’m really excited to see the prospect of an intense competition between these three mobile phone sets. I do not know who will be the winner. Do you have any idea?