Friday, October 10, 2008

Review of Canon EOS 30D SLR Digital Camera

With Canon EOS 30D SLR digital camera, you can now capture more sequential frames in the continuous-shooting mode as Canon has increased its number of frames upto 30 JPEG or 11 raw shots at 5 frames per second. It comes with a 2.5 inch LCD monitor which provides significantly better viewing than 1.8 inch 20D model. However, the battery life is not satisfactory with firing only 250 shots in single-charged session.

Canon EOS 30D SLR digital camera provides with high quality photography experience. The camera has both pros and cons. Canon EOS 30D SLR gives excellent low-light performance along with satisfactory controls. Moreover, this digital has features for both professional and new photographers. The pop-up flash of this camera seems to be problematic as it may cast slight shadow with some lenses. You can view only 95% viewing angle in the viewfinder. I have already mentioned about its average battery life. It comes in the market in the price range between $699- $1400.

However, despite the problems, still Canon EOS 30D SLR digital camera has some strong points to attract people. This is mainly for professional users, but if a general user does not have a tight budget, then he can opt to Canon EOS 30D SLR digital camera.

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