Friday, September 19, 2008

Toyota Looking for Hybrid Dominance

It has been a continuous water between General Motors and Toyota for the last three years over the dominance of car market in the world. At this moment, Toyota has the upper hand and it wants to extend its dominance in the hybrid car market too. In fact, tired the officials have a target to become the market leaders in the hybrid car segment within twelve years. Twelve years may sound to be a long time To many people but in the car world, it is not a very long time. So, Let us see what steps the company takes in order to become the market leader in this segment.

I hope that you know that hybrid cars are good for the environment. Now, Many people in the world are sensitive and careful about environmental issues. So, The future for the hybrid cars looks to be only bright. Therefore, it is a smart strategy from Toyota to go for the Car of the future. Of course, you have to remember that to achieve the goal, but that will have to invest a lot of money but I think that it will be a good investment in the long run.

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Toyota aims for hybrid dominance in 12 years


cars sell said...

There is this huge need for cars that don't emit pollution and cars that would definitely give more mileage. The increasing fuel problems gave it more reasons to have those hybrids. I think that with in the next few months or years, I would like to get myself one of those as well. But after some time, surely there would be lots of options.