Sunday, June 22, 2008

Toyota Floritech uses CO2 to grow flowers

Japan’s auto giant Toyota Motor Corporation (TYO: 7203) is now trying to put the CO2 in good use. Toyota Floritech Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Toyota is now using CO2 to produce flowers in its green house.

The 20,000 square meters green house is the largest green house in the world for potted flowers. In the facility electricity is produced using natural gas. In the process, CO2 is also produced as a byproduct. The electricity is then used for lighting the plant, the waste hit is used to warm water. The emitted CO2 used on plants to increase their photosynthesis ability. AFP reports:

"Nowadays you automatically think of C02 as a villain. But it's what plants need to grow," said Teruo Takatomi, president of unit Toyota Floritech Co. Ltd.

"You have gas emissions when you generate electricity. After removing nitrogen oxide from the gas, C02 is returned here for plants to inhale," farm chief Takuya Sato said, pointing to the overhead ducts.

The new system introduced in March is expected to help the company slash C02 emissions by a combined 460 tonnes a year, he said.

Toyota Floritech Co. Ltd. is a joint venture between Hakusan Co. Ltd. a reputed seeds and seedlings import company. It was established in 1999. The company sales four million potted flowers and ornamental plants. The firm is the first commercial facility in Japan to introduce the production and use of three different resources from a single fuel. Known as the “trigeneration” system it comes with a machine that provides high-oxygen water to invigorate plants roots.

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