Thursday, June 26, 2008

Apple iPhone 3G: Not so PERFECT!

iPhone is a major trendsetter in the mobile phone world. Upon release in 2007, the phone instantly became popular among mobile phone lovers and gadget freaks. This month, Apple released the latest version of iPhone – Apple iPhone 3G. The phone comes with all the great features you can expect from a smart phone. Still, there are some major glitches. Apple CEO, Steve Jobs is known for his reputation for paying attention to the most minor details. Still, he could not cure these problems:

  • First, let us talk about the cost. The latest Apple iPhone 3G costs $199 which sounds very cheap but in reality the cost is higher. It costs $160 more than the original iPhone because AT&T has put a costly data plan to subsidise the up-front cost of the phone.
  • Though iPhone has transformed the web browsing over mobile phone a great pleasure, the new Apple iPhone 3G does not support Adobe flash. This means many multimedia websites are off-limit.
  • Though Apple has provided kits for the users to change batteries by themselves, it is not a very good idea. Why? The sleek case of the new Apple iPhone 3G is not very easy to open.
  • The new Apple iPhone 3G does not have video recording facility.
  • You can not just cut and paste text from websites with the new Apple iPhone 3G.
  • The biggest disappointment of the new Apple iPhone 3G is, it lacks multi-media message service. You can not open pictures or videos send to you by your friend. Where hundreds and thousands of other phone sets comes with multi-media messaging options, the iPhone has nothing.
  • The new Apple iPhone 3G does not support voice dialing which makes BlackBerry a better choice for businessmen on the road.

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