Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2009 Honda FCX Clarity: Over hyped Hindenburg!

‘The car that emits nothing but water’, ‘solution to fuel problem,’ and so many things! I was carried away for some time and started to think that this time the world will truly become a better place but my dream bubble just got busted. The new Honda FCX Clarity started with big bang but ended up in whims. For the last couple of days, what Honda Motor Co. Ltd. (TYO: 7267)has been touting as the ultimate solution to pollution free transport proved to be nothing but a public stunt. Now, the million dollar question is WHY?

First, production of Hydrogen requires lot of electricity. How do you produce that electricity? by burning fossil fuel. This takes us back to square 1.

Second, hydrogen is not widely available. Production of hydrogen in large quantity is not profitable. In the first reason, I have already explained why? Then why building hydrogen fuel cars?

Third, Honda is saying that electric plug in vehicles are not so good because they have lower mileage and the battery has limited power. True, but the electricity is more available than H2. Then why going for expensive hydrogen cars? Criticizing New York Time's article on 2009 Honda FCX Clarity, Guardian says:

Is the Times unaware that electric-car manufacturers are working on "exchangeable batteries", which would make a battery swap about as fast as it takes to refuel a car with hydrogen?

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